With the holiday season upon us, and the year’s end quickly approaching this is a time to reflect on all that we are thankful for! Here at AgWorkers we are exceptionally thankful for our members, member groups, and our governing boards. For 68 years, we have proudly stood by our members to support and advocate for Texas Agriculture.

When we read, or hear statistics such as, “Texas ranks number 3 in the top 10 agricultural producing states”, most of us picture a production farmer overseeing cattle ranches, crop production, swine production, sheep, goat operations or other livestock and commodities. Although true, these individuals are so much more than just farmer Johns and Janes riding a tractor; in fact, many of them are also florists, USDA agents, county extension agents, Ag teachers, 4-H leaders, members of independent organizations, or in positions linking agriculture to their local communities and the nation at large.

Members who are USDA agents can provide farmers and ranchers with many program options, loans, food regulations, and many more. Those who are county extension agents work as a middle man between the community and the agricultural industry. Not only do they educate the youth with 4-H, but they also work with farmers researching improved production methods. County extension agents also have the opportunity to take on their own program of interest, and work with the community.

Agricultural science and family consumer science teachers are privileged to educate our youth on a whole host of topics, and teach that success comes through hard work. Our members are also involved through a large variety of independent organizations. These are an excellent way to network with one another and help promote and preserve agriculture through education, industry participation, consumer advocacy, and legislative action. Many of these organizations within production agriculture work together to achieve common goals and share industry knowledge. As you can see, each of these different areas of agriculture has its own impact in the agriculture community, which is why we are so thankful to have members out there providing a future of sustainable production!