Meet the Staff: Hunter Crawford

Are you ready to learn about another one of our outstanding employees?

Hunter Crawford is just that. He is known to help several departments throughout the office and assist them in any task they need.

Here is a brief overview of Hunter’s activities at Ag Workers Insurance and a snippet of his personal endeavors.

Role in the Company

Hunter began working at Ag Workers while in high school and has been with us since. He received his 5-year plaque this past December at our annual Christmas celebration.

Hunter likes to call himself an “office generalist.” He works alongside the administration, underwriting, and policy service departments. His tasks include helping the underwriting department with loss review reports, agent policies, and cancellations. Other job duties include assisting policy service occasionally with changes in payments and helping admin with any projects.

Hunter’s favorite part about working at Ag Workers is how close everyone is. You can often find Hunter up at the accounting department or reception desk talking on his breaks. There is not one person he does not know at the office.

He also enjoys that everyone is willing to help. If anyone needs assistance, there is always a colleague there willing to lend a hand in any way they can.

Hunter has made significant progress throughout his employment here. While working at Ag Workers, he participated in a weight loss challenge with other employees. He ended up losing 90 lbs and has kept it off. How impressive is that?


Hunter is the son of Sonya and Andrew and has a total of two brothers, as well as four stepbrothers and one stepsister. His parents definitely had their hands full. Three of his siblings are currently serving our country in the armed forces, and Hunter could not be more proud.

Along with his 7 siblings, Hunter has a dog named Alexa. He recently got her from a shelter here in Texas and is now a proud dog dad.

Fun Facts

Hunter’s favorite movie is White Chicks, and he is obsessed with Star Wars. He has seen all the movies several times. His love for movies explains his favorite food, which is popcorn.

Hunter likes to hang out with his friends, research cars, and play Call of Duty in his free time. You can often find him on the weekends on his headset talking to his teammates, or he is out having fun. He and his friends can often be found at Chili’s, Hunter’s favorite restaurant, or seeing the latest movies in theaters.

If you know Hunter, you would not be shocked if he showed up to work in a brand new car. He has a passion for cars, and his most recent purchase was a brand new red Ford Mustang. He is already looking into purchasing a new car, and a Range Rover and Tesla are just two on the long list of possibilities.

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