Meet the Staff: Tiany Neaves

Have you received an Ag Workers welcome kit, participated in an Ag Workers giveaway, or had an Ag Workers ad show up on your Facebook timeline?

If so, you have come across Tiany Neaves’ amazing work. Her creativity and love for research have allowed her to excel in her field and help spread the word about Ag Workers Insurance.

I had the opportunity to speak with Tiany and learn about her time here at Ag Workers and about her life outside of the office.

Role in the Company

Tiany is a part of our marketing department and will be celebrating her 2-year milestone with our company in October. She currently serves as a Marketing Specialist, which requires a great mix of creativity and analysis.

Tiany helps plan email campaigns and surveys, coordinate social media projects, and one-off projects like designing trade show setups, giveaways for special events, and welcome kits for new customers. She also manages pay-per-click advertising accounts like Facebook ads and tracks the success of our digital marketing initiatives.

Prior to joining the Ag Workers family, Tiany worked at Metroplex Graphics & Marketing as a sales and marketing rep. While cold calling the Ag Workers’ marketing department, she was introduced to Chris and Lara, who later became her supervisors at Ag Workers. She helped them plan and order specialty items for the FFA convention that Ag Workers attend each year.

Upon Tiany’s graduation from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she received her bachelor’s in marketing and management, a position at Ag Workers opened up. Lara offered the position to Tiany, and the rest is history.

Ag Workers takes the holiday season very seriously. From Christmas parties to potlucks to costume contests, there seems always to be a celebration. Since Tiany started in October, she arrived just in time to experience all the festivities. It is no surprise that her favorite memory from working here is the time she got to spend celebrating the Ag Workers’ holiday traditions with her new coworkers. It did not take Tiany long to get into the swing of things. In 2019, she was one of the winners of our annual chili cook-off!

Tiany, alongside the other winners of the annual chili cook-off!


Tiany grew up in Cleburne, Texas, with her loving parents and three younger sisters.

She is now engaged to her middle school friend, Miguel, and they are currently working on rescheduling their wedding, which was put on pause due to COVID-19. They are excited to see what the future holds and are ready to celebrate with all their friends and family.

Tiany and her fiancé have two dogs together, Penny and McCloud, and one fish, Calcifer.

Tiany loves her family and cannot wait until the pandemic is over so she can enjoy a family vacation and do all the things they are missing out on.

Tiany and her fiancé, Miguel.

Fun Facts

Tiany is known for having great recommendations on places to eat and visit. She is currently on a mission to find and try the best Tex-Mex places around the DFW area.

In addition to trying out new places with her fiancé and friends, Tiany enjoys reading. She will read anything that catches her eye and would attend the Cleburne Public Library multiple times a week as a kid. She visited often enough that she was offered a job there and worked as a Library Associate before attending college.

Tiany is a great addition to the Ag Workers family, and we are lucky that Chris and Lara found her when they did. She is continuously working on new projects and has big ideas currently in the works. The next time you see an Ag Workers Facebook ad or giveaway, the odds are Tiany is the one working behind the scenes to make it possible!