The new year has brought about significant changes to the Ag Workers Group of Companies, including the re-brand of Ag Workers subsidiary, Insureberry. Lara Dolloff, Director of Marketing, is one of many employees working to make these changes possible and is currently working on a new project that will be rolling out later this year.

I was able to meet with Lara and discuss her role in the company and learn a few personal insights.

Role in the Company

Lara has years of experience in the marketing and graphic design field and attributes her vast array of talents to hands-on experience, online learning, and what she was able to teach herself. Before working at Ag Workers, Lara worked for a magazine in Texarkana. She is a whiz when it comes to Photoshop and can create content in a matter of minutes. These abilities have proven useful throughout her career at Ag Workers.

Lara began working at Ag Workers in May of 2017. She has held a handful of titles throughout her time here, including Office Manager, Jr. Graphic Designer, Sr. Graphic Designer, Marketing Coordinator, and Brand Director. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing, and with the job comes various responsibilities, causing Lara to wear many hats.

She oversees the work of the marketing team, assisting them with tasks and ensuring their success. Also, she handles several projects for Ag Workers and its subsidiary Insureberry, formerly known as AG-Pro Insurance Agency. Lara was a crucial player in the re-brand of Insureberry, assisting in the name change, logo, website, and more. Since the new name and website rollout, she has shifted her focus to a new project that will be coming out later this year. She has high hopes and believes the project will be beneficial to policyholders.

Ag Workers is Lara’s second home, and her colleagues are her second family. She enjoys getting to collaborate and talk with her teammates on a day-to-day basis. She believes the “one ‘contagion’ that we need more of is positivity,” and at Ag Workers, it is plentiful. Lara says there are very few days when people aren’t laughing or smiling at the office.


Lara has been with her husband, Jimmy, for 5 years, and together they are full-time parents to three amazing kids, their 4-year-old son, Jimmy’s 11-year-old daughter, and Jimmy’s daughter’s 14-year-old cousin. Lara likes to joke that it can be quite interesting at their house, and says “it’s Ours, Yours, and Theirs.” When talking about family, we can’t forget about furry companions. Lara and her family have two dogs, Mally and Vegas, to keep the family of five company.

Fun Facts

Lara grew up in southeastern Washington State, at the base of the Cascade Mountains. The town was so small that there were only two classes in her elementary school, one for K-2nd and 3-5th grade, and she was only one of five students who graduated in her 5th-grade class. She has also resided in Louisiana before settling in Texas, where she met her husband and started her family.

When Lara is not at work, she enjoys watching hockey (especially the Stars), reading, writing fiction, editing photos, cooking, and spending time with family. She also enjoys traveling. Lara has been to 29 states, including Alaska, and has visited the Philippines and the Caribbean. She hopes she can continue exploring the world again soon.

Lara is a valuable asset to the Ag Workers family, and we look forward to seeing what she has in store for the company’s future. Keep an eye out for company news, and see if you can figure out the project Lara has been working on.

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