Working diligently behind the scenes to help Ag Workers Insurance meet its goals is Victor Domin. He has been a loyal member of the Ag Workers family for a little over 6 years, where he has worn several different hats. From doing data entry to assisting the COO, his roles are extensive and have extended across multiple departments. His hard work and dedication to the company do not go unnoticed.

I had the opportunity to speak with Victor Domin and learn more about him and his time at Ag Workers. Here is a brief overview of his professional and personal life.

Role in the Company

What began as a quick way to make ends meet turned into a full-time career for Victor Domin. He and his wife, Michelle, moved to Texas from the Midwest so Michelle could complete her internship for her master’s degree. It just so happened that Adriana Clark-Hill, an Ag Workers employee, went to Victor’s new church and knew of a job opening at our company. Victor graciously accepted the available data entry position, even though he was over-qualified, as a way to make ends meet during this transitional phase in his family’s life.

With Victor’s background in art and media/graphic design and previous studies of web design and development, he started utilizing his skills to help the marketing department with special projects. Eventually, he joined the marketing team as their new Marketing Assistant. Upon working in the Marketing department, Victor shifted gears and joined the admin team as Executive Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer. He now serves as Executive Analyst to the Chief Operations Officer, where he works to make his boss’ job easier and ensure his teams’ success and efficiency given the available resources. His responsibilities extend across multiple departments, as he performs traditional executive and analyst functions, works with various software tools and platforms, serves as Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer, and helps folks with one-off tasks as need be.

Over the past 6 years that Victor has been at Ag Workers, he has made many memories. His favorite being how supportive his coworkers were when his daughter had open-heart surgery and a heart transplant. The people at Ag Workers made this difficult time for his family more bearable by keeping his family in their thoughts and prayers. It is no surprise that when asked what his favorite part about working for Ag Workers is, Victor said, “the people.”


Victor was born and raised in Michigan, right outside of Detroit, alongside his siblings. It wasn’t until about 6 or 7 years ago that he and his wife, Michelle, and their newborn son moved to the great state of Texas. Since the big move, Victor and his wife have had three more amazing children and adopted a dog from the shelter named Peewee. When Victor is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family any chance he can get. They often enjoy playing outside, splashing in their backyard splash pad, or spending time with friends from church.

Fun Facts

Victor never guessed he would work in the insurance industry. He attended Concordia University, Ann Arbor, where he received a BA in biblical languages and a minor in art, with the intention to become a pastor or biblical scholar. However, upon graduation, Victor decided not to pursue seminary or continue in academia.

Victor still enjoys learning and often spends his free time reading an eclectic combination of genres, including history, theology, philosophy, programming, and technology. When Victor is not reading or working, he also enjoys woodworking, fishing, and playing disc golf with his wife and friends.

One of Victor’s hopes is to travel back to Europe one day, especially to visit Ireland. When he and his wife got married, they moved to England for 6 months. Along the way, they had the opportunity to travel a little bit of Europe. They would love to get the chance to explore more and see all the famous sights.

Victor Domin may have never thought he would work in the insurance industry, but it has proven to be a good fit for him. His vast knowledge of multiple topics has allowed him to assist in various departments and got him to where he is today.

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