Meet the Staff: Adriana Clark-Hill

Have you ever been to the Ag Workers Insurance office?

If so, you may have met Adriana Clark-Hill, the person responsible for maintaining the building. However, her role goes beyond that – she is one of Ag Workers’ most experienced staff members and was named the company’s employee of the year in 2018. After reading this article, you’ll understand why.

Here is a simple compilation of Adriana’s role at the company, as well as some personal insights.

Role in the Company

Adriana has been a loyal employee of Ag Workers Insurance for two decades now. As an Executive Assistant and Building Manager, she assists Marcus Hill, the President and CEO of Ag Workers, in his daily tasks. Her responsibilities include managing Marcus’s schedule, coordinating board meetings, and overseeing the building maintenance, including the electric, lawn, and plumbing systems. With the exception of phones and computers, all building-related tasks fall under her purview.

Additionally, she is in charge of organizing company events, such as the Christmas party and employee wedding and baby shower celebrations.

Adriana loves her job at Ag Workers because it requires her to perform various tasks, which gives her more flexibility and prevents monotony. She has developed a special bond with her colleagues over the years and considers them family. To her, working at Ag Workers is not just a job but rather a way of life.


Adriana is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Hope and Samantha. She also considers herself a “bonus mom” to Brandon and Blake Hill, her stepsons.

Adriana is blessed with three amazing grandchildren named Travis, Maryn, and Jack, and she loves to brag about their many talents. She and her husband, Marcus Hill, got married in 2010 and have since settled down in Roanoke, Texas.

When it comes to pets, Adriana describes her home as a three-ring circus. In addition to her children, she has three dogs – Mickey and Finley, whom she adopted from the animal shelter, and Luke, whom she got from a relative who was unable to care for him. Although her furry friends drive her crazy at times, she couldn’t imagine life without them and considers them her three-bed hogs.

Fun Facts

Adriana is a big fan of movies featuring Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, as they are two of her favorite actresses. Her favorite food is steak, and she loves anything with chocolate.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, visiting the farm, and traveling the world. Her most cherished travel experience was in Venice, Italy, where she felt like she was walking into a movie set. She would love to go back to Venice if given the chance!