Claims FAQ

Ag Workers Claims Resolution Team is ready to assist you.

Below, you'll find answers to some of our most frequently asked claims questions.

If you need to file a new claim, call our 24-hour claims reporting service at (508) 365-2692 to start the process.

When reporting a claim, it’s helpful to have the following information readily available:


  • Your policy number
  • Details about the incident (date, time, location)
  • Information about any other parties involved (name, vehicle information, insurance provider, etc.)
  • Witness information (if available)
  • Police report details (if applicable)

It’s crucial to report a claim immediately after an accident to streamline the process and ensure timely assistance. Ag Workers policyowners can report a claim by calling our 24-hour claims reporting service at (508) 365-2692.

Once a claim is reported, it is immediately routed to our Claims Resolution Team, where a Resolution Specialist is assigned. Your Specialist will contact you to discuss specific details about the reported claim and available coverages and may assign an appraiser to inspect your vehicle to provide an estimate of repairs. Your Resolution Specialist will keep you informed as to the progress of your claim and guide you step by step through this process.

If your policy includes rental reimbursement coverage, it can help with the cost of renting a vehicle if it is stolen or damaged in a covered accident and becomes inoperable.


To verify whether your Ag Workers policy includes rental reimbursement coverage, please contact our Policy Services Team at (800) 772-7424 ext. 2.

The process of determining fault entails conducting a comprehensive investigation into the incident, taking into account factors such as evidence, witness statements, and relevant state laws.

You have the freedom to select a repair shop of your choice. However, you may take advantage of Ag Workers’ network of convenient shop locations as part of our direct repair program (DRP). If you’re interested in using Ag Workers’ network of shop locations, contact your Resolution Specialist, who will help you select a direct repair facility.

The value of your vehicle is taken into consideration when the cost of repairs has been identified.  When it has been determined that the costs associated with the repairs to your vehicle approaches or exceeds the actual cash value of your vehicle, the vehicle may be deemed a total loss. Your Resolution Specialist will guide you through each step of this process when this occurs.

Ag Workers has partnered with Safelite to offer fast and efficient glass repairs and replacements. To start a new claim, call our 24-hour glass claims reporting service at (800) 772-7424 ext. 4 followed by ext. 1 or (888) 891-5521.

If you receive any legal documents regarding an insurance claim, notify your Resolution Specialist immediately. They, along with our team of legal experts, will offer guidance on the appropriate course of action.

Your car insurance policy does not provide coverage for theft of personal property, such as purses or electronics, from your vehicle. You should contact your homeowners or renters insurance company to determine if these items are covered.

Comprehensive coverage can safeguard your vehicle against non-collision damages caused by uncontrollable events. This includes incidents like theft, fire, vandalism, or hitting an animal. However, please be aware you will still need to pay a deductible for car repairs.


If you want to add comprehensive coverage to your Ag Workers auto insurance policy, call our Policy Services Team at (800) 772-7424 ext. 2.

A deductible is the amount you’ve agreed to pay before your insurance coverage kicks in and pays covered expenses. Your policy details will specify your deductible amount. You can view this information on your policy declarations page, also known as a “dec page.”


If you’re unable to access your declarations page, download our Ag Workers app or reach out to our Policy Services Team at (800) 772-7424 ext. 2.

Once your claim is approved, payments are processed. You may choose to receive funds through various methods, including traditional paper check through the mail or via digital means, which includes direct deposit into a Checking or Savings account, PayPal account, or Venmo account.

While filing a claim will not affect your current premium, it could possibly result in a potential increase at the time of your renewal. The potential impact on your premium depends on several factors, including the nature and severity of the loss. Please feel free to discuss the matter with our Policy Services Team at the time of your policy renewal.

Once your claim is paid, Ag Workers can try to recover costs from the person responsible for your injury or property damage. This is known as subrogation. If you paid a deductible, Ag Workers will include your deductible in its subrogation demand to the at-fault party.


While there is no guarantee of recovery, in very straightforward cases where the at-fault person (or their insurance company) agrees to accept fault, subrogation claims can wrap up within just a few months. For more complicated claims, the process can take years.

Please Note: Every claim is different and can vary significantly in complexity, and some may take longer to resolve than others. Our experienced Claims Resolution Specialists will do everything possible to assess your claim fairly and expediently to help you get back on track as quickly as possible.