26 Tips for Creating a She Shed

When it comes to the variety of personal spaces that people are adding to their property setup, the “she shed” is gaining more and more popularity as the ladies’ version of the “man cave.

This quaint little area is excellent for giving you the room to pursue personal projects and hobbies and relax after a long day. But where do you begin when making a she shed of your own? Read on for 26 tips on creating a great she shed!

1. Get Inspired

As you are planning and creating your she shed, it’s important to get inspired and stay motivated. Try looking at Pinterest for ideas or create an inspiration board of the elements and aesthetics that make you happy, and implement these aspects.

2. Define the Purpose

Before you get too far into making your she shed, it’s important to figure out what you will be using it for. From relaxation to reading, hobbies to alone time activities, this space is your personal area, so defining its purpose is a good first step.

3. Build a Structure (Or Clean Out an Old One)

If you want to have a space of your own, there are a few options for creating it yourself. 

She sheds don’t really need to be built from a particular blueprint—nearly any garden shed pattern should be large enough, so you can get crafty with your own hammer, nails, some free time, and an easy-to-build shed kit over a weekend!

Or, if you already have a shed structure in your yard, that’s a great opportunity to upgrade the existing space into the perfect she shed! Get rid of any clutter inside, scrub it out, and get ready to transform it into your dream space for personal use.

4. Decide on a Theme

The theme is another key aspect of making a she shed. Ask yourself questions like what kind of aesthetic appeals to you? Is there a theme already present in the garden, such as Mediterranean glam or modern chic?

Apply these ideas within your she shed to match what you enjoy visually and connect your space with the surrounding yard. It could be nautical, rustic, modern, industrial, or whimsical—whatever brings you joy! 

5. Pick a Color Scheme

When it comes to the color scheme of your she shed, it’s important to sit down and consider the aesthetic that fits your personality and the hobbies or activities you will use the shed for.

For instance, a darker color scheme might be suitable for movie-viewing or a rustic reading room, whereas light, pastel colors will bring a soothing and uplifting aspect to an art studio or knitting nook.

6. Add Fresh Coats of Paint

Whether you are upgrading an existing shed to become your own space or building one from scratch, make sure to top it off with some fresh paint to make it vibrant and bright. Paint is relatively inexpensive and really transforms an area.

7. Add Wiring

It’s a good idea to extend wiring out to your shed, if at all possible. This not only allows for easy lighting when the sun sets, but you can also add other electronics like televisions, sound systems, tea kettles, and even just charge your devices!

8. Extend the Wi-Fi

While you might not think about watching Netflix in your she shed, it can be a great option for you to kick back and unwind after a long day, so bringing the Wi-Fi to your yard is a great idea. You can get extenders from your local hardware shop!

9. Set up Shelves for Storage

Organization is key in your she shed, so make sure to add plenty of shelves and other storage space. Built-in shelving is a wonderful option for keeping your hobbies, reading materials, or exercise equipment right where you need it.

10. Think Vertically

Your she shed might not be massive, but you can always utilize the vertical space for storage, accessories, and decorations. Hang things on the walls, string up planters from the ceiling, and maximize each inch of space above you.

11. Opt For Functional Furniture

She sheds typically not very large structures, so making the most of your interior space is important. So, opting for functional furniture that also doubles as storage space, can pull out into a bed, or fold down to create a table area is a wise idea.

12. Focus on the Details

It’s all about the little things when outfitting and decorating any space, and your she shed is no different. From small items on tables to scalloped edges on the roof, your space will sparkle with all the tiny details you add to it.

Consider amplifying the atmosphere of comfort within your shed by adding soft furnishings, rugs, throws, and other cozy items.

13. Add Vintage or Antique Pieces

Vintage finds can bring an air of sophistication to your space, and with a variety of furnishings and artwork from antique shops, a she shed becomes a truly unique place.

Flea markets are another excellent place to find unique and quirky pieces to add to your backyard space. You can sometimes scrounge up a truly wonderful find at a rummage sale or flea market.

You can even do some DIY projects to upgrade an antique to your liking!

14. Implement Dining Space

Whether you are grabbing a snack or eating a full meal in your she shed, it’s nice to have the option of a dining area in your space. Use a foldaway, wall-mounted table to save square footage, or put a garden table outside.

15. Include Small Kitchen Appliances

Speaking of food in your she shed, make sure to pop some culinary comforts into the design. Add a mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, or air fryer to cater to your hunger and thirst needs and any guests you have!

16. String Up Some Lighting

Set up your she shed with plenty of lights so that you can stay illuminated after the sun goes down. You can choose a central lighting fixture, smaller table lamps, or even a variety of twinkling string lights around the interior.

17. Let There Be (Natural) Light 

It’s no secret that plenty of light makes a space more inviting and vibrant, and it’s no different in your she shed. Make sure to add plenty of windows to your build or renovate existing apertures to provide as much natural light as possible.

Additionally, you can amplify the available light by implementing mirrors that not only reflect sunlight and brighten up the interior but also work to make the entire space appear bigger!

18. Add Décor to the Door

Don’t forget to add some pizzazz to the door of your she shed! It’s the first thing you will see when approaching your space and the last thing you experience on the way out, so decorating it with mirrors, wreaths, or hanging items is a good idea.

19. Create an Inviting Entryway

Share your shed with others and make the entryway as inviting as possible. Add a welcome mat outside, space for shoes to be kicked off, and even guest slippers for chillier days spent relaxing with you in your she shed.

20. Hang Curtains

Don’t forget to add fabrics to your she shed! Window shades are great for keeping direct summer sun out, and curtains can bring a sense of softness to your windows or can even be used to drape across the doorway and keep the bugs at bay.

21. Surround Yourself With Nature

Bring the outdoors in with a variety of greenery, including hanging plants, potted flowers on windowsills, and some adorable window boxes for added verdancy and blooms. 

22. Do Some Landscaping

A spectacular she shed doesn’t just stop at the exterior walls. Make sure you do some landscaping around the outside of your shed to create attractive surroundings with shrubs, flowers, trees, and even water features.

23. Add Porch Pop-Outs

Why restrict your she shed space to just the interior of the building? You can add an adorable little porch to the outside of the shed to give yourself some patio glam and the option of alfresco hobbies, meals, or gatherings with friends.

24. Raise It Up

A good way to make a she shed the focal point of your garden and to help insulate the space is by raising it on a leveled platform. You can use wood, stone, or even gravel to create a sturdy base and elevate your shed.

25. Update Your Home Inventory

You will want to update your home inventory with all the new possessions you have purchased for your she shed, including large electronics, appliances, and furniture. This will save you time in the future if you ever need to file an insurance claim.

26. Check Your Coverage

Typically, a “she shed” would be covered under the “Other Structures” limitation, as long as it is for “PERSONAL USE.”  You will need to verify that your current Other Structures limit is sufficient to pay for all additional structures you may have on-premise (i.e., the total of fencing, detached garage/carport, the shed, possibly a pool, etc.), and check to see if your coverage will pay at Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.