25 Supplies Every Cat Owner Needs

If you have a furry friend at home, you know how many items and supplies they need to keep them happy and healthy. And for anyone with a cat, these requirements are a little different than those of a dog.

So, what supplies does every cat owner need to take care of their feline friends? Read on for a list of the 25 best items you should outfit your home with if you have a cat!

1. A Cat-Friendly Houseplant

If you want to save your pots of greenery from being nibbled on, it’s a good idea to get your cat its own houseplant.

A grow-at-home grass pot is an excellent option to keep feline paws and claws busy and provide enzymes, fiber, and even vitamins. Make sure it’s kitty-friendly grass, and enjoy your pet’s new verdant obsession!

2. Cat Hair Remover

Cats are notorious for leaving hair all over the house, so every cat owner should have a trustworthy fur remover on hand. And while a handheld lint roller is helpful, there are some better options on the market for particularly fuzzy cats.

Opt for a motorized pet hair remover to get all the fluff off you, your clothes, and your furniture.

3. Catnip Bubbles

We all know about cats and catnip, but have you tried catnip bubbles yet? Your furry friend is all but guaranteed to love these fun, floating spheres tinged with the classic catnip flavor. You can watch your cat enjoy batting bubbles around for hours.

4. Cat Water Fountain

Cats tend to like running water, so it can be a great idea to provide them with a drinking fountain instead of a still water bowl. By cycling the water through various pressure settings, your pet will have access to fresh water all day long.

5. Cord Protectors

For any chew-happy cats, cord protectors are a must. Not only will they protect a pet parent’s expensive electronics and connectors, but they also remove the danger of your cat chewing through a cord and electrocuting themselves.

You can find a variety of protectors, including hard casings that go around the cable or a bitter-tasting surface spray that deters your pets from clamping their jaws around your cords.

6. Covered Cat Bed

There is a wide range of cat beds available to pet parents, but some of the best are the covered beds that allow your cat to feel more secure during naptime or when relaxing.

Giving your cat a cave-like bed is especially good if they are nervous or still getting used to your home, such as rescue pets.

7. Exercise Wheel

These large wheels are definitely an extensive installation for your space, but your cat can get hours of enjoyment and exercise out of it.

Depending on the individual, cats will either take to the wheel immediately or need to be taught how to use it properly, so keep plenty of treats on hand just in case your pet is the latter type.

8. Eye Wash Pads

Bathing pets can be a stressful and time-consuming experience for everyone involved, particularly when it comes to cats and water. However, with easy-to-use and gentle eye wash pads, you can eliminate the hassle of cleaning your cat’s face.

Clear away the eye gunk with one swipe and avoid stressing out your cat. You can even use these for your dogs when their eye boogers get out of hand!

9. Feline Self-Groomer

These handy little devices are great for attaching to the corner of your wall or door frame, allowing your cat to groom and scratch themselves on the gentle plastic pegs. You can even pop some catnip or treats into the groomer to encourage them!

10. Food & Litter Subscription

Why leave the house if you don’t have to? Among the wide range of subscription boxes available these days, you can sign up for a handy and feline-friendly one that delivers cat food and litter of your choice directly to your door.

11. Harness & Bungee Leash

For cats that might be curious about the outdoors, a harness and bungee leash combination is the best option for safe exploring. Attach the pet harness, clip on the leash, and help your feisty feline master their catwalk in the great outdoors.

12. Homeopathic Pet Drops

If your cat is prone to nervousness or anxiety, you should invest in homeopathic pet drops specially formulated to ease fearfulness in animals.

Whether a trip to the vet causes tension, a noisy vacuum, or new people in the house, using these drops can help your pet calm down naturally and safely.

13. Interactive Treat Dispenser

Choose from a wide variety of treat dispensers that only relinquish the prize when your cat can follow a pattern or move the right pieces. These dispensers are an excellent option for mentally stimulating your cat and rewarding problem-solving behavior.

14. Laser Pointer Toy 

A classic toy, the laser pointer is usually irresistible to cats of all ages. Connect with your cats and their natural hunter instincts as they chase the little red dot around the room.

Get to the next level with your laser play by getting an automated laser toy that sends the beam in patterns your cat will go wild for.

15. Litter Genie

Handle your cat’s soiled litter like a boss with an automated disposal system. Not only does this product make it easier to change the litter in your cat’s tray, but a dual-door system also prevents the smell of kitty poo from wafting through the home.

Additionally, you can go for much longer without emptying the bin when using a litter genie, as the machine’s smell-proof basin can hold up to about two weeks’ worth of waste, which is definitely worth the price for not having to deal with it daily!

16. Outdoor Stroller

For cats that want to see the great outdoors but not necessarily be a part of it, a pet stroller can be a useful—and adorable—addition to your feline supply arsenal. This way, you and your cat can get fresh air without unnecessary stress.

17. Pet Camera

Outfit your house with a pet camera featuring audio and two-way video, and you will never wonder what your cat is up to again. Not only can you see what antics your feline friend is getting into, but you can also get adorable screenshots of their mischief.

This is definitely an investment for the home, but pet owners tend to sing its praises when it comes to keeping an eye on their furry friends.

18. Ripple Rug

These fun and interactive play mats for your cat are made from recycled bottles and provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment for felines and owners alike.

You can play a game of kitty whack-a-mole with their favorite toys, hide snacks for them to hunt down, or watch your cat disappear into one of the rug’s mounds for a well-deserved nap.

19. Self-Scooping Litter Box

Cleaning up after our pets is part of having them, but it’s likely not a job that anyone particularly enjoys. Make things easier for yourself by investing in a self-scooping litter box that takes some hassle out of dealing with your cat’s bathroom routine.

With a clever system that allows the clean litter to fall through a grate in the bottom of the box and the clumps of waste to be sifted and pushed aside, you don’t have to worry about cleaning this litter box as often as traditional models.

20. Soft Hammock

Give your kitty a place to perch wherever they are comfortable in this soft, hangable hammock. You can attach it to the underside of dining room chairs, to the corner of a crate, or even string it from the cat tree for various naptime locations.

Not only do cats love these cozy corners to curl up in, but it also saves on floor space!

21. Scent & Stain Remover

A must for every cat owner is urine stain and smell remover specially formulated for cats. 

Because their pee sometimes has different minerals in it, other pet scent removers might not work as well for your kitties. Stocking up on these products, especially for felines, is a great idea because accidents happen no matter how careful you are.

22. Timed Feeding Bowl

Cats can have a very different schedule to our own, as anyone who has been woken up at 4 a.m. by an insistent meow of hunger can attest.

Instead of making your cat conform to your routine, or sacrificing your sleep patterns, invest in a timed food bowl that lets your cat have breakfast according to their internal clock. If your cat wants to eat in the early morning, program the bowl and sleep away! 

23. Travel Bowls

Make sure your cat has plenty of food and water even when on the road with easy-to-store, collapsible travel bowls. By stashing some of these bowls in your car or travel bag, your furry friend will always be hydrated and able to snack during a trip.

24. Window-Mounted Bed

Give your cat a front-row seat to an outdoor show with a window-mounted bed. These shelf-like perches are ideal for any cats who want to watch for sparrows at the feeder or monitor local squirrel activity—you could say it provides a bird’s eye view! 

25. Pet Insurance

And as a final note—while not technically a supply—you should consider getting pet insurance for your cat. So you can protect your furry friend from the unexpected and give yourself peace of mind.