Gadgets to keep your young driver(s) safe

Many of us find that we are behind the times as technology advances at a break-neck pace. Who can keep up with all of the new electronics hitting the market month after month? While a lot of the new tech is geared towards leisure time, there are some pretty great car safety devices and gadgets that your young driver might appreciate down the road.

The items below have been carefully filtered to include those only with a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon or higher. (And this list is just in time for Christmas! You’re welcome!)

  • Car Battery Jump Starter – In the instance that a car battery dies, your youthful driver won’t have to hunt down a kind stranger or give you a call in the middle of the night for a jump. This jumper is very portable and very easy to use! Simply plug it in at home until the ‘charged’ light turns on and it’s ready to go! This model even comes with a built-in flashlight. (I had one of these and it worked like a champ!)
  • USB Emergency Escape Tool – This is a really great product and would make a nice stocking-stuffer. The USB charger comes with a built in glass breaker and seat belt cutter. We don’t like to think of situations where this would be necessary, but it’s best to be prepared. This tool is great because you’ll always know where it is when you need it… in the charging port! Just $5.99
  • Car Dash Cam – While shooting videos from the car might not be what you had in mind to keep your child safe, this cam can help prove fault in the case of an accident as the footage it captures can show who was responsible. Turns on and off with the start of the car.
  • GPS Tracker – For those who often forget where they parked, want to keep an eye on the kid(s), or need to track down a stolen vehicle, this little guy will save the day. Just $49.95
  • Blind Spot Mirrors – Young drivers often have difficulties with blind spots. These small mirrors are placed on each side view mirror and voila! Blind spots are reduced! Two pack for $7.49