The ‘Texan’ Knife by Texas’ Forged in Fire Winner, Don Halter

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to meet up with Don Halter, Houston resident and winner of the History Channel series, Forged in Fire, season 4, episode 15. Our visit took place in his garage where we were able to see his forge operation first hand.

Halter has a lot of experience in forging knives and weapons from a variety of sources including coal and propane. He has worked several types of steel and crafted a variety of different weapons. His passion for knife making was made obvious by his attention to detail and past studies of both the process and materials.

“My favorite blade styles are Migration Era seaxes, 1800’s bowies and rendezvous knives, traditional Japanese tanto and modern tactical knives,” said Halter.

When we asked Halter to makes us a knife, he mentioned that he loved the freedom to make whatever he wanted that represented Texas.

“I became very excited when you only asked for a Texas knife,” he said.

All the materials used in the crafting of the knife came from Texas, with each part having its own story. The hand-guard was crafted from a wagon wheel and the handle came from a tree that was once in his own front yard.

Aside from his forging, Halter keeps busy as a father of three, participates in medieval re-enactments and works as an environmental nuclear engineer.

One lucky person has the chance to win this beautiful, custom-made Texas knife by visiting us this week at our booth at the 2018 Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas (VATAT) Conference in Lubbock, Texas!

Be sure to check back for future Texas knife giveaways!