Former Intern Spotlight – Sydney Armatta

In 1988, Marcus Hill, former Ag Workers President and current Chairman of the Board, began the Ag Workers Insurance intern program. One of his greatest accomplishments at Ag Workers was its implementation. It has taught so many students the importance of networking, hard work, and the ins and outs of insurance. The program is now run by Adriana Clark-Hill, Executive Assistant to Marcus.


Over the years Ag Workers has had students visit from multiple colleges and they have all grown to be outstanding young men and women. Several of these interns still have a passion for ag and continue to serve the ag community.

One of these great interns is, Sydney Armatta. I got the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her time as an Ag Workers intern and learn about her current endeavors.

Tell us a little about yourself.

      • My name is Sydney Armatta and I am from Bay City, Texas. I attended Sam Houston State University where I pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Business with a minor in Marketing. I grew up on my family’s ranch watching my dad and grandpa farm for many years. During college, I interned with Ag Workers Insurance, Texas Agricultural Cooperative Association, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, and Capital Farm Credit. After college, I began working for Capital Farm Credit full time in my hometown.

    What year were you an intern at Ag Workers Insurance?

        • 2017 (Summer)

      How did you hear about the Ag Workers Insurance intern program?

          • A fellow SHSU Agricultural student who was also a past intern.

        Do you keep in contact with any of the Ag Workers employees you met as an intern?

            • Yes! I keep in touch with Patti, Connie, and Jacob Snyder, as well as other employees through social media.

          What was your favorite part about being an Ag Workers intern?

              • My favorite part about being an intern with Ag Workers was being able to meet so many great individuals. I made so many great contacts, as well as lifelong friends during my time and am very thankful! I also enjoyed all the traveling!

            Left to Right: Connie Lott, Ag Workers consultant, Alex Everett, FCCLA state advisor, Sydney, and Patti Beckham, Ag Workers consultant.

            What were some of the tasks you performed?

                • I was able to work in each department within Ag Workers and Insureberry, formerly AG-Pro. From listening in to claims to working with the New Business Department, I was able to get a wide variety of training on how an insurance company is run. Learning these tasks also helped with some of my classes at SHSU. At the end of the internship, I was able to present a presentation over my summer to the Board of Directors.

              Do you remember any of the places you traveled to as an intern? If so, where?

                  • During my internship, I traveled to many different places and events. Some of those included Independent Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) Convention, Texas Pork Producers Convention, 4-H, and FFA Convention, VATAT, as well as to Austin, Texas to visit with many different Agricultural Cooperatives.

                Do you have any funny stories or good memories from your internship?

                    • I would have to say my favorite memories were Marcus Hill’s history lessons and getting to travel and attend so many different conventions!

                  Sydney trying out the Ag Workers Insurance photobooth at the 2017 FFA Convention in Corpus Christi.

                  Would you recommend this internship? If so, who would you recommend it to?

                      • Most definitely!!! This internship gave me so many great opportunities. I would recommend it to Agricultural and Marketing students. It will allow them to network with so many great individuals and allow them to make connections for the future.

                    What were your biggest takeaways from the internship?

                        • My biggest takeaway from this internship was to never be shy. Being outgoing allows you to make connections with so many great individuals. Through all the trade shows that I worked, I was able to find more great internships opportunities, with one of them turning into a full-time career.

                      Did what you learn apply to your current career?

                          • Of course! I was able to gain a lot of experience working the trade shows, as well as gain an extensive knowledge of customer service which I am able to use in my career today.

                        Are you still involved in the agricultural industry?

                            • Yes! I am currently working in the agricultural industry, as well as serving the Bay City Chamber of Commerce as their Committee Chair for the Agricultural Committee.

                          Where do you currently work? What is your job title? What does your job entail?

                              • I currently work at Capital Farm Credit in Bay City as a Loan Officer Associate. I service local farmers and ranchers, as well as rural landowners finance land and many different Agricultural operations.

                            Sydney Armatta was just one of the many great interns that have worked at Ag Workers Insurance. We are glad to hear that she is still working in the ag industry and is doing well. She has a very bright future ahead of her and we are glad that we could be apart of her journey.

                            If you or anyone you know is interested in being an Ag Workers intern we encourage you to apply! Send your resume to or call (817) 831-9900 and ask for Adriana Clark-Hill.