Recipe – Snowball Cookies

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to start preparing for the delightful task of baking tasty treats. You surely don’t want to be the one who brings store-bought cookies to the party. That’s where I come in to lend a helping hand!

Introducing the snowball cookie recipe that is bound to impress even the most discerning palates. In just 30 minutes, your cookies will be flawlessly baked and ready to be devoured. Let the holiday festivities begin!


1 cup all-purpose flour

¼ cup granulated sugar

1 ½ cups finely chopped walnuts

1 pinch kosher salt

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

½ cup chopped and softened butter

1 cup powdered sugar

*Helpful tip: Do not melt the butter in the microwave. Use room-temperature butter. Otherwise, your cookies may turn out flat.


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Add flour, sugar, walnuts, salt, vanilla, and butter into a large bowl. Mix the ingredients using your hands.
  3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  4. Roll the dough into small spheres and place them on the cookie sheet.
  5. Place the cookie sheet in the oven and let the cookies bake for 15 minutes.
  6. After taking the cookies out of the oven, let them partially cool (they should be warm but cool enough to hold). Then roll them in powdered sugar, covering the whole cookie.
  7. Place the cookies on a cooling rack to finish cooling.
  8. Once the cookies are completely cooled, add extra powdered sugar to the top.
  9. Enjoy!

These cookies are the ultimate Christmas dessert, so be sure to bake them for all your friends and family this holiday season. They will want to thank you once they taste these delicious treats.

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Original recipe courtesy of Delish