3 DIY Christmas Decorations You Must Try

‘Tis the season of giving. With all the gifts one must buy, there is little left over to splurge on holiday decorations. This can be upsetting since Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. There is no need to worry! These DIY Christmas decorations will make your house festive. Plus, they will leave you with extra cash to finish your last-minute shopping.

Not very crafty? No problem. These are quick and easy to make. With a little practice, you will have people wondering where you got them.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Wreaths at Hobby Lobby and Target can be expensive. No one wants to pay $50-$100 dollars on something they can only use a few days out of the year. You can make the perfect wreath for only a few dollars and a little effort.

What you will need:

Foam floral ring, tinsel garland, several dozen ornaments, wide wired ribbon, and a hot glue gun

Helpful Tip: Use ornaments of various sizes, colors, and designs to make your wreath more fun and creative.


  1. Take the tinsel and hot glue the end of the strand to the foam floral ring. Then proceed to wrap the tinsel around the entire foam floral ring. After, it is completely covered hot glue the end piece to the ring.
  2. Take the ornaments and glue them to the outer rim and inner rim of the foam floral ring. Make sure the top of the ornaments point downwards and face the base of the ring. (If you are using different sized ornaments use the largest ornaments for this step.)
  3. Glue ornaments between each of the outer rim ornaments. Then proceed to glue ornaments between each of the inner rim ornaments.
  4. Fill the remaining gaps with ornaments and add extra rows until you are pleased with the look of the wreath.
  5. Cut the ribbon and glue the two end pieces to the back of the wreath, so you can hang your creation.

Christmas Garland

Christmas garland is the perfect addition to one’s fireplace. It makes the room stand out and people’s eyes are immediately drawn to it. Making your own is even better because you can save money, and make it fit your aesthetic.

What you will need:

Artificial garland, Christmas lights, wide wired ribbon, ornaments, and a hot glue gun


  1. Take the garland and separate all the branches to make it look fuller. If it is still not thick enough for your liking, combine another piece of garland to the first strand. Then fluff the branches. Continue to add pieces of garland until you are pleased with the thickness.
  2. Wrap the Christmas lights around the garland.
  3. Secure the ribbon to the end of the garland by twisting two branches around the ribbon. Every few inches repeat this step and tie the ribbon to the garland. Do this until you reach the other end of the garland. Be sure not to pull the ribbon too tight, you want it to look loose. (If you want to add extra flair you can do this step twice using two different types of ribbon or tulle.)
  4. Hot glue ornaments onto the garland.

Wall Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are expensive, especially if you want a nice one. If you are waiting for them to go on sale after Christmas, you still need one this holiday season. This wall tree is inexpensive and will provide you with festivity until you buy the tree of your dreams. Plus, if you have cats, they won’t be able to knock it over!

What you will need:

Artificial garland, Christmas lights, ornaments, and push pins


  1. Decide on how big you want your wall tree to be.
  2. Place a push pin in the wall where you want the top of your tree to start. Then continue to place push pins into the wall about 4 inches apart in the form of a triangle. (The top of your tree should be the point of your triangle.)
  3. Take the garland and wrap it around the first pushpin at the top of the tree. Then wrap the garland around the two push pins below it on either side, to form a tiny triangle.
  4. Proceed to wrap the garland around the push pins going from one side of the tree to the other, making a zigzag. Do this until you reach the bottom of the tree.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 using Christmas lights.
  6. Attach ornaments to the garland.

These are just a few DIY decoration ideas that I love. The options are endless. Let me know which decor you decide to make by commenting down below.

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