5 Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Moving is a part of life. These few summer months are the busiest time of the year, with people constantly on the move. Packing can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.


Here are a few tips and tricks to make moving easier on you and your wallet, as well as save you time!

1. Don’t wait to pack!

Pack a room at a time and start early! There is nothing more stressful than waiting to pack and running out of time to do it. A delay in packing could be the difference in moving on time.

2. Get rid of everything!

De-clutter as much as you can. Start by going through each of the rooms in your house and get rid of things you haven’t used recently or in the last six months. Throwing or giving away stuff you don’t use anymore can make a big move more manageable. Charities like the Salvation Army or your local charity will take your items and rehome them to someone in need.

3. Consider hiring a moving company.

Moving can get stressful, so it might be helpful to hire a moving company to ease the stress. If your budget allows, consider hiring movers, especially for large furniture items. People often underestimate how many things they have until they start packing and moving. Movers can make a move easier and more efficient.

4. Buy tons of moving boxes!

Running out of boxes can make a move even more stressful. Buy plenty of cardboard boxes or plastic bins to pack your stuff in. Moving boxes can easily break if you overpack them, so have extra on hand in case of accidents!

5. Bundle the breakables.

Put all breakable items in the same boxes and use padding or plastic wrap to separate them to prevent any damage. Label these boxes as fragile so you know which boxes need to be handled with extra care.


Planning a move can ease the stress on your family, your wallet, and your time. Purging closets and getting rid of items no longer in use can help with organization and lessen the load when packing. In addition to being a lot of work, moving can also cost you a lot of money. Follow these tips to have a smoother moving process.

About the Author

McKenna Pavelock

McKenna is a junior at Texas Tech University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications. Over the summer, McKenna is interning at Ag Workers Auto Insurance to gain experience in the field of marketing through content creation and networking at various tradeshows and conventions.