Board Member Spotlight: Harriet J. McClure

This week, I had the privilege of interviewing a member of the Ag Workers Auto Insurance board of directors, Harriet J. McClure. During our discussion, Harriet reflected on her time as an educator and her long-lasting relationship with Ag Workers.


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Harriet’s Ties to Home Economics

Harriet was raised in Pleasanton, Texas, by her two loving parents, who were deeply involved in education and agriculture. Harriet’s mother, Mrs. Edna Jackson, was a home economics teacher for over 20 years and a sponsor for Future Homemakers of America (FHA), now known as Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Harriet’s father, Mr. Harry Jackson, served as a bus driver for 48 years and was part of the school system’s maintenance staff.


With the encouragement of her parents, Harriet joined the FHA and became a local officer during high school.


During her younger days, she aspired to become an architect. However, growing up around home economics teachers from Pleasanton and South Texas, Harriet caught the “family and consumer science bug.” She attended Texas A&I University, majoring in Home Economics, and graduated in 1976.


Shortly after graduation, she married Fred McClure of San Augustine and moved to Waco, where Fred attended law school. While in Waco, she honed her skills in home economics as a teacher in the Waco Independent School District. However, it was her time teaching home economics in the Coolidge school district that was most memorable. This afforded her the opportunity to teach an array of students from varied backgrounds. She is proud to say that several of those students went on to do great things!

Harriet’s Long-Lasting Relationship with Ag Workers

The McClures have been Ag Workers policyholders for decades. As a matter of fact, they were policyholders when the company was still a part of National Farm Life. Chairman Marcus Hill signed them up for their first policy, and over the years, they have cherished their Ag Workers’ experience.


As a board member, Harriet loves to promote Ag Workers’ service and products and constantly encourages others to consider Ag Workers for their insurance needs. While she can fondly recall several personal experiences with the company, she cites the staff’s passion for serving all policyholders as what sets Ag Workers apart from other providers. That perspective is valuable as a member of the board’s membership committee, which strives to make sure that the company’s portfolio of policyholders is as sound as possible.


Everything about Harriet J. McClure’s leadership and service within the organization adds to the greatness of Ag Workers. While she constantly sings praises of the company, the team at Ag Workers sings her praises back and thanks her for her service and commitment to excellence.


Kudos to Harriet J. McClure for all that she does to promote “all things” Ag Workers!

About the Author

Coby Shorter

Coby is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Leadership and Development. Over the summer, Coby interned at Ag Workers Auto Insurance to gain experience in marketing through content creation and networking at various tradeshows and conventions.