Exploring the Different Types of Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have been gaining in popularity over the past decade. They offer a unique, low-maintenance lifestyle that appeals to many home buyers looking for an alternative to traditional housing. Many tiny homes are made from repurposed materials or custom-built from scratch.

Still, there are several different types of tiny homes that you can explore if you’re considering making the switch to tiny home living. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of tiny homes available today.

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes are one of the most popular types of tiny houses since they are extremely durable and easy to customize. These homes can range from a single 20′ shipping container converted into a studio apartment to two or more containers combined together for larger spaces. Shipping containers can be modified with windows, skylights, and other features to make them more livable and comfortable. The great thing about these homes is that they can be placed almost anywhere—as long as you have access to utilities like electricity, water, and sewer.

Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs)

Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs), sometimes referred to as Mobile Tiny Homes, are exactly what they sound like—small houses built on trailers so they can be moved around easily. These types of tiny homes typically range between 80 and 400 square feet in size and come with all the comforts of home—kitchenette, bathroom (often with a composting toilet), living area, bedroom(s), etc. They also often include amenities like solar panels for energy efficiency and off-grid living capabilities. THOWs offer incredible flexibility since you can move it whenever you need or want to without having to worry about finding another place to live.


Living in an RV offers many of the same benefits as living in a THOW—mobility and convenience—but with fewer customization possibilities due to space limitations inside an RV’s cabins. However, RV living does provide plenty of comforts, such as air conditioning/heating units and running water—something that isn’t always feasible in a THOW, depending on where it’s parked or how often it moves around. Additionally, RVs tend to be more affordable than THOWs, making them attractive options for those looking for cheap housing solutions with minimal upkeep requirements.

School Bus Conversions (Skoolies)

School buses converted into living spaces, known as skoolies, offer a unique and creative way to explore tiny home living. Skoolies are an ideal option for those looking for a combination of the features found in RVs and tiny houses on wheels, offering the mobility of an RV with many of the customization possibilities that come with building a THOW. These converted buses usually range between 20 to 40 feet in length, making them a bit larger than the typical tiny house on wheels. On the inside, they can be customized with amenities such as kitchenettes, bathrooms, etc.


Yurts have been used as dwellings for centuries, and they are now gaining popularity as a type of tiny home. Yurt homes offer an affordable, eco-friendly housing option that can be set up in almost any location. They come in various sizes ranging from around 12 feet to 30 feet in diameter and can be customized with features like built-in kitchenettes, bathrooms, and living areas. Yurts also require minimal maintenance compared to other types of tiny homes since their structure is designed to withstand the elements. Additionally, they provide more space than some smaller tiny houses on wheels due to their round shape.

Whether you’re looking for something mobile or prefer roots planted firmly in one spot, there is a type of tiny home out there that meets your needs! From shipping container homes to RVs and even yurts, there are plenty of options for choosing your perfect mini abode—no matter where your journey takes you! If you’re considering taking the plunge into tiny home living, research what type might fit your lifestyle best and compare costs—not only for the home but insurance as well!