Update Your Apartment Without Breaking Your Lease

You’re stuck in a rental, and you can’t break your lease—what do you do? How do you make it feel like home without making major changes prohibited by the terms of your lease? The answer is simpler than you think—rental-friendly updates! Here are a few ways to update your apartment without breaking your rental contract.


Even though it’s not permanent, paint can be used to spruce up any room. Many landlords allow tenants to paint their apartments as long as the color is neutral and the tenant agrees to repaint the walls before moving out. If painting isn’t allowed, wall hangings such as tapestries, art prints, or wall decals are also an easy way to add brightness and color to your apartment.

Change Light Fixtures

Adding new light fixtures is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to upgrade your apartment. Whether it’s ceiling lights, floor lamps, or even sconces for extra illumination, new light fixtures can give your space a modern touch instantly. Most landlords will allow this type of change since it doesn’t involve any permanent alterations.

Update Curtains & Blinds

Hang curtains or blinds to control light levels while adding style and texture to any room. This small change can dramatically transform a room with minimal effort on your part. Just make sure that when you move out, you take them down and be careful not to don’t damage the walls!

Add Plants

Nothing upgrades an apartment more quickly than some greenery! Add some plants around the house for a natural touch of beauty and peace. Plus, house plants have many benefits, like improving air quality, reducing stress levels, and increasing oxygen levels in the air. All these benefits come at no cost (or minimal cost) to you—just remember to keep them watered regularly!

Upgrading your apartment may seem daunting if you’re on a tight budget or stuck in a rental agreement—but fear not! There are plenty of rental-friendly updates that won’t break the bank or break your lease agreement. From painting walls to adding new light fixtures and plants—there are plenty of ways for renters in Texas to upgrade their apartments without breaking their leases! With these tips in mind, start upgrading today, so you will have a beautiful home in no time!