What to Do If Someone Breaks Your Car Window

Having someone break into your car or vandalize it in any way can be an extremely stressful and invasive experience. Knowing what to do next and how to handle the situation can be hard. In this blog post, we’ll go through the steps you should take if someone breaks your car window.

Step 1: Call the Police

The first step you should take after discovering someone has broken your car window is to call the police. The police will come to the scene of the crime to assess the situation and create a report for insurance purposes. Even if you don’t think anything was stolen, making a police report is essential as it will serve as evidence if something turns up missing later on.

Step 2: Take Pictures

Before the police arrive or you begin cleaning up the shattered glass, take pictures of the damage as evidence for your insurance company. Take clear photos from a variety of angles, including both the inside and outside of the car, to give your insurance company a clear idea of the scope of the damage.

Step 3: Contact Your Bank

If your car window was broken, it could be a sign that your car was broken into. If your debit or credit card, wallet, or purse was stolen during the break-in it’s important to contact your bank right away. This will help prevent any fraudulent activity from occurring on your account. You should call the number on the back of your card and explain what happened.

Step 4: Secure Your Vehicle

Once you’ve taken photos and filed a police report, it’s important to secure your car. This might mean taping up the broken window or parking the car in a covered area, such as a garage, if possible. If you’re unable to secure the vehicle yourself, consider having it towed to a secure location until you can get it fixed.

Step 5: Contact Your Insurance Company

After securing your vehicle, contact your auto insurance company to file a claim. If you are an Ag Workers policyholder, you can report a glass claim with our 24/7 glass reporting service at (888)-891-5521. You should be able to provide information about the incident, such as the incident’s date, time, and location, a copy of the police report, and the photographs you took of the damage. Giving your insurance company as much information as possible is important to ensure your claim is processed as smoothly as possible.

If items were stolen from your vehicle during the break-in, it’s important to contact your home or renters insurance carrier to see if your personal property coverage will help cover the theft of these items.

Step 6: Get Your Car Repaired

Finally, it’s time to get your car repaired. Your insurance company will likely recommend a repair shop they work with, but you’re not required to use them. Ag Workers has coast-to-coast partnerships with glass shops, making finding a repair shop near you easy. Regardless of where you choose, do your research first to find a reputable repair shop with experience working on your type of vehicle. Before choosing a repair shop, get an estimate and confirm that your insurance company will cover the cost.

Discovering that someone has broken your car window can be stressful and overwhelming. But by taking these steps—calling the police, taking pictures of the damage, contacting the bank, securing your vehicle, contacting your insurance company, and finding a reputable repair shop—you’ll be able to navigate the situation with a clear plan and get back on the road in no time. Remember, staying calm and focused during this process is important to ensure everything is handled efficiently and effectively.