Essentials for Road Trips with Young Kids

Taking a road trip with young children can be both a joyful and challenging experience. While you may not have control over everything, you can always make preparations to ensure that your trip is as stress-free as possible. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some essential car accessories that you can get for your next road trip with your kids.

Comfort Accessories

Car Window Shades

While road trips can be exciting, the blaring sunlight is one of the most bothersome things about them. Car window shades are great car accessories that can help protect your child from the harsh UV rays of the sun. This accessory is also essential if you have a baby who is still using a rear-facing car seat.

Travel Pillow & Blanket

Keeping your child comfortable during a long road trip is very important. Travel pillows and blankets will make your child’s long road trip much more comfortable and enjoyable. It can help to eliminate neck strain and soreness from prolonged sitting and is a great source of comfort and relaxation along the ride, so hopefully, your kids can take a nap to pass the time.

Organizational Items

Car Seat Organizer

Having everything in one place is necessary when traveling with children, especially during a long road trip. A car seat organizer is a great accessory that allows you to keep your child’s essentials in one convenient spot. Snacks, water bottles, toys, and electronics will have their designated spot, making them easily accessible to your child and/or you.

Trunk Organizer

Like the car seat organizer, a trunk organizer provides a dedicated space for items helping keep the car organized and clutter-free along your journey. Fill it with things you won’t need until your final destination, such as groceries, extra clothes, and kids’ sports equipment, or emergency supplies, such as flares and car emergency kits.

Travel Tray

A travel tray for kids is a great thing to bring on a road trip to help keep snacks, toys, and other items organized in one place while helping keep your car from getting messy with crumbs and spilled drinks.

Portable Car Trash Can

Long road trips with kids also mean lots of snacks, drinks, and meals on the go. If you don’t plan well, your car will surely become a mess in no time. A portable car trash can is a great accessory that can help keep your car tidy. Some of these trash cans come with a removable lining, which makes it easy to dispose of your trash.

Entertainment for Kids

Art Supplies

Bringing art supplies along for a long car ride is an excellent way to keep kids entertained. Not only does it provide them with a creative outlet, but it also helps to pass the time and make the journey more enjoyable. Art supplies like coloring books, crayons, markers, glue sticks, and construction paper can provide hours of entertainment for your little ones while on the road. Plus, they’re easy to pack and store in your vehicle during travel.

Backseat Entertainment System

While it’s great to take in the scenery along the way, there may come a point when your little ones get antsy. This is why you should have a backseat entertainment system in your car. From in-car DVD players to in-car streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, your child can have access to their favorite movies and TV shows. Just don’t forget to pack headphones!

Gaming Tablet

A gaming table like the Amazon Fire Kids Tablet is another essential accessory to bring when traveling with young kids on a long road trip. Many of these gaming tablets made for kids come with preloaded educational games designed to help children develop their cognitive skills—and provide hours of entertainment.

Other Essentials


Not only do snacks provide a source of energy and nutrition, but they can also help keep your little ones from getting cranky during long car rides. Choosing snacks that are filling, easy to eat on the go, and mess-free is important. Some good options include beef jerky, fruit snacks, apple sauce, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, and cheese sticks.


Bringing a cooler will help keep them hydrated and cool during the trip. You can also put some foods in it to ensure they remain safe to eat.

First Aid Kit

When taking a long road trip with kids, bringing a first aid kit is important. This will come in handy if your child needs something while on the go—bandages, gauze, medicine, or other medical supplies for minor emergencies.

Traveling with kids can be a fun and memorable experience. However, long road trips can also be stressful for both parents and children. With these essential car accessories, you can make your next long road trip more enjoyable, comfortable, and peaceful. Remember that proper planning is essential to ensure that your journey is as stress-free as possible. Happy travels!