A word from our customers
“THE insurance company for agriculture professionals!”
- Kirk Edney
“It was at nearly 24 years ago.

I was a newly hired ag teacher right out of college and signed up to be an Ag Workers customer at the ag teacher’s conference that summer. While I am no longer an ag teacher, I remain an Ag Workers customer because of their dedication to their customers and for the ideals that agricultural lifestyle holds.”

- Russell Graves
“Awesome insurance company,

very friendly and helpful staff….”

- Sherry Hill
“I have been a member for 28 years,

and they have been great the entire time! Great coverage on my daily driver/nice SUV, and my 47 year old ranch truck.”

- Brenda Bryson
“Top tier service from top tier people.

I’ve never had a complaint about anything and I’ve had AW for 11 years now. Thanks, AW!”

- Taylor Konkle
“Loved being with Ag Workers

previously, tried the big guys and rates went up every time we renewed. SO glad to be back with Ag Workers. They went above and beyond rewriting our auto and boat.”

- Lotricia Kelsey Barcheers
“Very friendly, always honest,

and the cheapest policy by far, even with homeowner’s included.”

- Aaron Leggett
“I have been with Ag Workers since I was 16

on my parents’ policy more than 30 years ago! It is a legacy I hope to be able to pass on to my kids, like my USAA membership. No other insurance company has ever been able to beat them on price, and I know I love the service. Now I have a teenager who soon will be driving and a 12-year-old. Hoping that driving by example and attempting to teach them right will be enough. Also crossing my fingers…”

- Julie Myers
“I saved over 50% on my auto insurance by switching to Ag Workers!”
- Hallie Rushing Davis
“I have been with Ag Workers for over 40 years!”
- Donna Saunders
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