The Solis Family’s 4-H Experience

Have you been thinking of enrolling your child in an extracurricular activity but don’t know which to choose? Well, 4-H may be the perfect solution for your family.

4-H has so many different programs to pick from and is sure to satisfy your kid’s needs. From raising animals to photography to baking, the options are endless!

To provide useful information to new 4-H parents, we asked parents and guardians of a Texas 4-H student to tell us a little about their experience. Cindy Solis was one of many mothers to take this opportunity to spread the word about this great organization. Below are her thoughts on being a part of the 4-H family.

Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

We are a family of four and reside in Starr County, Texas-District 12. Our children are Brandon, 24, and Tifani Amber, 17.

How long has your child been involved with 4-H?

Our daughter Tifani has been a member of the Los Ranchitos 4-H club for eight years.

How did you hear about 4-H and why did you decide to enroll your child in this organization?

When Tifani was in the fifth grade one of her teachers mentioned it to us and suggested that she would be a great member and invited her to join the club. I felt that this would be a great opportunity for Tifani to learn more about agriculture, animals, and to learn more about her community.

What 4-H projects does your child participate in?

Tifani has raised poultry, New Zealand rabbits, heifers, and grown several plants for her horticulture projects.

Has your child participated in and/ or won any contests? If so, what contests were they?

Tifani has won in several categories at the Starr County Fair. She has won Reserve Champion Poultry, Jr Showmanship Grand Champion Poultry, Senior Grand Champion Showmanship, Reserve Champion Horticulture, Grand Champion AgID Product ID Senior Division, Reserve Champion Broiler Division, Class Champion Horticulture, Class Champion Commercial Heifer, and Reserve Class Champion Horticulture.

What is the time commitment per month?

Horticulture-3 months, Heifers-5 months, Rabbit-2 months, Poultry ( a pen of 15-20)-2 months.

What type of monetary commitment does it require for your child’s projects?

Every project requires monetary commitment in providing shelter, food (vitamins, water, feed, etc.), and equipment needed for feeding and transporting.

What goals do you have for your child during her 4-H career?

Our goal as parents is to have our daughter learn about the responsibilities and roles it takes to be a good leader and member of her 4-H club and to give back to her community.

What role do you play in 4-H as an adult leader?

As her mother, I am there to support her in her projects and community work. I take her to her events, take her to the feed store, and provide continuous support.

What is your favorite memory from your child’s time with 4-H?

One of my favorite memories is when she was selected to participate at Texas A&M College Station Poultry Institute for Youth (Summer 2019) because only 50 students from around the United States are selected to attend and she represented Starr County. Her first Jr. Grand Champion Showmanship buckle win was also a fond memory.

What advice do you have for new 4-H parents?

My advice is to let your child(ren) become a member and let them grow their Head, Heart, Hands, and their Health just like the 4-H pledge states. Your child(ren) will develop their learning and responsibility skills and contribute to their community and develop supportive relationships with other members of the club.

Cindy Solis and her daughter, Tifani, are just 2 examples of people who have benefited from Texas 4-H. It is a great organization for children and teenagers alike.

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